5'9" Mini-Simmons

This Mini-Simmons design was requested by Matt, the guy who helped organize the 2010 Half Moon Bay Workshop...































Matt writes..."...here is the exploration, a hollow wooden surfboard that I’ve crafted in 5 days (wood only) and about another 3 glassing...

I attempted all elements with this board: shaping, which is reverse engineered, glass-on fins both foiled and fixed, venting, as well as glassing it myself with epoxy.

This is a 5'9" x 23"x 3" Mini Simmons and it flies. I can sit outside in the longboard zone and take off way early!

I was shocked at how effortlessly this board caught waves and made flat sections.

Turning on the other hand was a bit tricky, but who needs to turn anyways, right?!..."

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