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Building even the simplest hollow wood board takes more time, skills, and patience than the most complex foam /fiberglass board. The time to design and build a hollow are usually measured in weeks. The tools needed are typically a tablesaw, stationary planer, router, belt sander, a hot glue gun, a knife, etc.

You need to have a few skills to build a hollow. First is the developing a plan of how to create a curvaceous board from thin flat wood. I can help you with that. Then you have to get the materials and cutting them according to your plan. An intricate hollow board might have over 300 pieces. You’ll need to acquire sensitivity with your tools, because sometimes a mistake can ruin days of work. That goes along with the patience you will develop and your ability to adapt to minor crises. Basically you need to believe in yourself and I can show you the rest of the stuff…

Click Photo for How To Build A Hollow Surfboard


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