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  How To

Building even the simplest hollow wood board takes more time, skills, and patience than the most complex foam /fiberglass board. The time to design and build a hollow are usually measured in weeks. The tools needed are typically a tablesaw, stationary planer, router, belt sander, a hot glue gun, a knife, etc.

You need to have a few skills to build a hollow. First is the developing a plan of how to create a curvaceous board from thin flat wood. I can help you with that. Then you have to get the materials and cutting them according to your plan. An intricate hollow board might have over 300 pieces. You’ll need to acquire sensitivity with your tools, because sometimes a mistake can ruin days of work. That goes along with the patience you will develop and your ability to adapt to minor crises. Basically you need to believe in yourself and I can show you the rest of the stuff…


is a complete step-by-step guide through the process. 

Available as a PDF book on a CD-R

The "How To" CD has been updated (October 2017) to Forty-Four sections fully describing the process with photos detailing every step. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Paul Jensen - A Brief Background           
  2. The Idea           
  3. History             
  4. Goals     
  5. Beauty             
  6. The Ride         
  7. Process  
  8. Tools     
  9. Sources of Supplies       
  10. Material List  
  11. Templates (how to create your own)       
  12. Pattern Making        
  13. Gluing Forms            
  14. Ribs        
  15. Frame Rails                   
  16. Interior Rails                 
  17. Attaching Interior Rails                
  18. Frame Kit                       
  19. Router Guide Strips                     
  20. The Decks     
  21. Fin Box                          
  22. Building Out The Rails                          
  23. Shaping The Rails                         
  24. Venting                           
  25. Fiberglassing             
  26. Building A Frame Kit Board                           
  27. Fins                       
  28. Fin Positioning                       
  29. Fiberglass Definitions                   
  30. Fiberglass Comparisons                                        
  31. Guide To Composites                                             
  32. Composite Materials                                                  
  33. Epoxy Resin Tips                                                       
  34. The Epoxy Bible                                            
  35. Surfboard Design And Construction                                               
  36. Shaping And Glassing                                            
  37. A Guide To Shaping                                              
  38. Surfboard Anatomy                                                  
  39. Surfboard Design                                                       
  40. Ding Repair                                             
  41. HSB Q & A                                                    
  42. Plastic Trash Manifeseto                                                    
  43. Fetishize The Wild Surf                                                      
  44. Architecture Of Planing Hulls                                                             

All together it prints out to over 800 pages.  

Also on the CD-R, are more than 670 pictures of every Hollow Surfboard I’ve made

and I've included 116 of the Best Songs (mp3) to listen to while building your Hollow Board.!!!...

Click to read >>>  Sample Section - Pattern Making


The "How To" CD-R is still only $100.

 The Basics

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Send e-mail to: hollowsurfboards@comcast.net 

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