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Planning A Workshop In Your Area

I have fine tuned the board building process to have up to ten people do a seven day workshop with everyone going home with a board they built, fiberglassed and is ready to ride. I offer several different board designs and supply all the materials. 

The $$$ details...Tuition is $900 per person. Materials cost $60 per foot of board length.

You help me find the space and you do the class for free (excluding materials). The space we will need should be about 50 square feet per person with electricity and heat. I need five or six paid participants minimum, to make it worthwhile. The maximum number of students in workshop like this is ten. Interested? It’s really pretty simple. I just need someone there to find a location, and maybe help me to get together some tools and materials.

If you want a workshop in your area,  contact me at:

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Page updated: November 23, 2015

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