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Frame Kits

I was asked about making the board building process more accessible to those without a shop full of tools and those who don't want to take a month or more to build a board.

These days if someone want a hollow surfboard, I see that there are several ways to do it.
1. Invent one yourself.
2. Copy someone elses design. Look at pictures and take notes.
3. Get a "How To" guide.
4. Get the "How To" and templates.
5. Take a class.
6. Get a kit.
7. Or just pay someone to do it.

Each of those ways offers greater or lesser degrees of difficulty. Similarly, each person is different about where they want to jump into the board building process.

As I've refined my methods, I've found a simpler way to build boards, without having to create disposable jigs that take time to build. The Gluing Jig method works fine, but if a frame can be built in a significantly shorter time, using less materials, I see that as being a good thing.

I've created several sets of router patterns to cut frame parts for diffent models of boards, so that I can replicate them and offer them as "Frame Kits". The time saving of using a Frame Kit as opposed to using a Gluing Form Jig is about five days of early mornings and after work time. That's a lot. The assembly time for a Frame Kit is less time than it takes to pull off your shoulder entry wetsuit, gloves and booties on a hard offshore day in late December in Washington State.


A Frame Rail Kit includes: The Center Stringer ,The Cross Ribs, The Outer Frame Rails and Nose and Tail Inserts .

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You must leave a note on the Order Form specifying which kit you want...!!!...


Template Kits

Template Kits are full size tracings of the Frame Parts using a new black Sharpie pen onto heavyweight brown “construction paper’ mailed in a big manila envelope.

Gluing Jig Template Kits include: the Gluing Form template, Stringer template and Cross Rib templates...Gluing Jig Template Kits are $50...Each...

Frame Rail Template Kits have been refined so you do not need to build a Gluing Form to make a board. Building a board from a Frame Rail Template Kit saves about three days of mornings and evenings of building time. Frame Rail Template Kits include: the Stringer template, Cross Rib templates, Frame Rail templates and Nose and Tail Inset templates...Frame Rail Template Kits are $75....Each

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You must leave a note on the Order Form specifying which kit you want...!!!..

 Gluing Jig Templates                       Frame Rail Templates

                                                           Frame Kit

   Frame Rail Templates                       Frame Rail Templates

                                                          Frame Kit                                               Frame Kit


Frame Rail Templates                        Gluing Jig Templates

              Frame Kit                                                                             

(New) Frame Rail Templates                  Frame Rail Templates

       Frame Kit                                           Frame Kit


  Frame Rail Templates                       Frame Rail Templates

Frame Kit                                           Frame Kit

  Gluing Jig Templates                       Frame Rail Templates

                                                             Frame Kit


  Gluing Jig Templates                         Gluing Jig Templates


   Frame Rail Templates                      Frame Rail Templates

                    Frame Kit                                                                                 


     Frame Rail Templates                      Gluing Jig Templates

                       Frame Kit                                                                             


Frame Rail Templates                         Frame Rail Templates

                                               Frame Kit                                              Frame Kit                                        

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You must leave a note on the Order Form specifying which kit you want...!!!...

Gluing Jig Template Kit - $50

Frame Rail Template Kit - $75

Plywood Frame Kit - $250

If you get a Frame Kit (not a Template Kit), I offer the"How To" CD at half off - $50

All of the 9' plus boards require extra Stringer and Frame Rail assembly by you, because they would exceed the UPS shipping size if I sent them "ready to build". All that means is you need to iron on some "wood tape" (supplied) to make the frames the length they need to be.

Frame Kits are shipped in the continental USA via UPS and cost $30.

International shipping varies depending on destination.Shipping a frame kit to Hawaii, Australia or Europe costs more than it should. Hawaii is around $85 , Europe is something like $150. Contact me via e-mail for a shipping quote before you order.I'll probably suggest just getting a Template Kit and save yourself wasted money...

Of course I'll always answer any questions, should you need help.

Send e-mail to: hollowsurfboards@comcast.net 

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