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Frame and Template Kits

I was asked about making the board building process more accessible to those without a shop full of tools and those who don't want to take a month or more to build a board.

These days if someone want a hollow surfboard, I see that there are several ways to do it.
1. Invent one yourself.
2. Copy someone elses design. Look at pictures and take notes.
3. Get a "How To" guide.
4. Get the "How To" and templates.
5. Take a class.
6. Get a kit.
7. Or just pay someone to do it.

Each of those ways offers greater or lesser degrees of difficulty. Similarly, each person is different about where they want to jump into the board building process.

As I've refined my methods, I've found a simpler way to build boards, without having to create disposable jigs that take time to build.

I've created several sets of router patterns to cut frame parts for diffent models of boards, so that I can replicate them and offer them as "Frame Kits".The assembly time for a Frame Kit is less time than it takes to pull off your shoulder entry wetsuit, gloves and booties on a hard offshore day in late December in Washington State.

Frame Kits and Template Kits


(above) Typical Frame Kit


Frame Kits and Template Kits have been refined so you do not need to build surfboard specific work tables to make a board. Each kit include: the Stringer, Cross Ribs , Frame Rails and Nose and Tail Insets...








Calmwater Paddleboard

Frame and Template Kits

are no longer available.

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