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Paul's Blog: Paul Jensen Custom

Trip Reports

Trip Reports are the full journey story of some of my most memorable travels.

These are my day to day, photo rich journals that are written to family and friends.

From my driveway to the destination and back again.

Click on a Trip Report to open...

2014 Road Trip - Montana & Idaho

2014 Japan HWS Workshop

2013 Road Trip - Deserts Of The West

2012 Comboyne Australia Trip Report

2012 Custom Jeep Test Drive

2011 San Francisco Trip Videos

2010 Sapphire Coast Australia Trip Report

2010 Comboyne Plateau Australia Trip Report

2010 Japan Trip Report

2010 California Trip Report

2009 Holland Trip Report

2009 Australia - Gold Coast Trip Report

2009 Australia - Perth & Melbourne Trip Report

2009 France Trip Report

2009 Isle of Jersey Trip Report

2008 Port Townsend Workshop

Click for: More from the Port Townsend Workshop

2008 Ireland Trip Report

2008 Portugal Trip Report

2007 Ireland Trip Report

2006 Canada Work Trip Report

2005 Canada Fun Trip Report

2005 Canada Surf Trip Report

My Ride - 2006 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Joe & Gina's 2006 Sprinter Conversion - Start to finish, the whole project in words and pictures...

Alex's 2005 Sprinter Conversion - AKA: The Glowing Japanese Apartment

Paul's EarthRoamer Jeep - EarthRoamer XV-JP Conversion

Do it Yourself

Best source of Surfboard Building Information .... Swaylocks

James Knistle Book - Surfboard Design & Construction

Dave Parmenter's Shaping Method...  Hands, Brain and Soul

Dave Parmenter's Surfboard Design Analysis... Surfboard Anatomy

Great Design and Materials Info... One Ocean Kayaks

USA  - Materials

One-Stop Board Building Supplies... Fiberglass Supply

Bending Plywood... North American Plywood

Roll Cork... The Corkstore

Epoxy Resins ...  Resin Research       

Other Stuff

Surfboard History...Surf Research

Surfboard Shaping Lineage...  The Shapers Tree

Tom Blake Water Sled Patent....  Tom Blake Water Sled

Norman Carmichael Surfboard Pontoon Patent....  Surfboard Pontoon Structure

PaulJensen Surfboards - T-Shirts and Stuff For Sale

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